New Work

The Tallest Teacher🌲 

30"/40" inch Canvas Framed and Sealed with Epoxy Resin. 

🖌️The process of this painting was what I enjoyed the most. Everyday I pushed it further and further. At a certain point I even changed the original colors. The calming blue was originally orange and for days I struggled to figure out what it needed. It needed something calming and drastic. In fact it actually calmed me down and slowed me down from rushing to finishing it to Taking my time and enjoying every second I got to spend exploring new ideas and expanded on my old techniques throughout the finishing process.
❌ To me the painting represents the oldest tree in the world. Overlooking all the years that had past and years to come and the air in which it breaths is sacred. It's an old wise tree. Elevated beyond man and nature below. However with it's age still comes it's own understandings of present day changes and the challenging grounds in which it holds own self up with. The cresent moon represents new chapters and handing the world onto the next generations below. Far and wide the tree teaches it's silent wisdom onto others and with it's presents alone one shall gain and grow from looking at it's old historical branches in silent affirmation. 


New Studio

I am very excited to announce my new studio art space. This is the first studio I've ever worked out of that is not directly linked to my living space and personal life.

I plan to do art and only art in this new work environment. A place to bring my visions into reality. A hub for my creative release and motivation as a mixed media visual artist.

With my residency at this specific space, I plan to explore other professional outlets that will help elevate my art, process, and goals as a visionary. This will allow myself to house higher caliber work, for a much broader professional clientele. Its taken years of practice and financial stress to make a move like this.


I want to be recognized as a professional artist, comfortable in my own workspace and to be productive as I can so I can jump into much larger projects confidently. 

I think a space like this has been ignored for far too long. 

I am ready to start my next chapter.

Now let's get creating!