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Pursuit of Happiness

In a desperate attempt to find purpose and meaning through my artwork I figured it was time to embark on my very first art tour. Heading to the west coast I plan to talk to everyone and get into all sorts of art adventures! Read more HERE:

Things to come! 

A variety of things are coming into fruition while being on the road. Here are just a few things. 



Live Painting

Music Videos

Film Photography

Youtube Videos




Away from Home

Being so far away from home definitely has its effects on me as an artist. 

Many life changes have occurred during the last few months. As I planned for my art tour my life drastically changed. Now on the road, things are falling into place. Things are changing and evolving, most importantly my artwork is changing. I'm learning how to cope with the natural rhythms of life. Some days are good and some are bad. Its all about the art! 

Putting my self out there.

What made you decide you wanted to travel? 

As a freelance Graphic designer, Photographer, videographer and social butterfly I'm always getting my hands in everything creative! I got to realize that sitting in an apt and paying rent and getting basically zero exposure was a waste of time, money and energy.  

I found I was the happiest when I was exploring artistic ideas that didn't make sense to the average person. I like to be weird, I like thinking differently and out of the box. I needed to do something different. I wanted to go charging head first into a whole new realm of uncomfortable artistic passion. Plus I love vans. It just made the most sense at the time. 


What do you plan to accomplish? 

Honestly that's a hard question to answer, But for now, my main goal is to survive on the road. With big change comes an awkward transition period. But as I'm getting more and more comfortable I'm starting to expand on the ideas I initially set out to pursue.  


My main goal is EXPOSURE! I am working my hardest on gaining organic social outreach and to do that I need to engage with my new followers in person. whether that's statewide collaborations, handing out stickers to strangers or potentially just painting at a busy street corner.  I plan to take this time to put myself in uncomfortable situations to gain lucrative artistic exposure later down the road. 


"I think sitting around in one spot is the most toxic way of fulfilling my artistic void. Getting exposure state wide is what I need, and its what im going to find." 



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