• Tice James VanderHeiden

2019 Art Calanders

2018 was such an incredible and inspiring year, But lets hit the ground running this year by being more organized and inspired with a little help with my new 2019 Artsy Calendars!

Two weeks prior to 1-1-19 I got the idea to make some calendars. I wasn't about to make some boring calendars so I decided to do a little research and thought that focusing on endangered species would be a good idea. I wanted to make 12 original collages, digitize the original artwork and compile it into an awesome one of a kind book of images to to give a new, inspiring way of generating awareness to not only the endangered species but also the process of my artwork and my constant push to DO MORE with the new year.

So to accomplish more In 2019 I need to take more risks. I need to document important dates and utilize my time accordingly and make inspiring images for people to share and talk about. Talk about the real issues. Talk about what makes you, YOU and me ME.

I started to think that If I need and want to make a difference for myself in 2019, that other people are thinking the same exact thing I am. How to make more of 2019.

Thanks for all the support and constant reminder I am on the right page. If it wasn't for my followers I wouldn't have the confidence I do today to take financial risks and push through any project knowing If I think its an awesome Idea, that its actually an awesome idea that YOU the people will eat it up and want more!

If you want to learn more about how to grab a 2019 Calendar, Or interested in purchasing the original collage canvases i made during the process, you can stop by my Etsy shop where you can see all the artwork photographed, and ready for purchase.

I hope you guys have a awesome 2019 and fill it with more art!


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