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Landscape Paintings

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

The process and desire to paint psychedelic subconscious landscapes.

Weither its a commision based painting or just pushing around paint. There is always a relaxing meditative practice when painting images about nature. Often times there is no photo reference however sometimes I find a certain image to use and run with it.

Let my mind make up the landscape.

“I think its interesting coming up with a completely random landscapes. Subconscious landscape painting is almost like playing god, It gives me the inspiration to keep finding answers to unknown questions to my artistic process and the secret details that are hidden in nature.”

Often times people come to me asking if I have any landscapes for sale. Most of the time I do not, only because people eat them up, shortly after I make them.

I do enjoy painting landscapes, but keep it mostly on a commission based process. Come to me with a awesome photo and ill make something special for you.

Youtube Timelapse

You can Find time lapses of my painting process, including this painting on my youtube channel. Im not sure whats I enjoy doing more.

Painting the landscape or editing the video: Have a look here!

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