• Tice James VanderHeiden

West Coast Vanlife

I finally made it to the ocean! After months of being on the road I finally made it to the Oregon and California coast line which was stunning! I was stationed in Oregon for about 2 months and I got alot done! I made some painting timelapses. I kept my etsy page filled with fresh new paintings and vlogged alot about my daily life on the road. It was about time I set off for the coast line and keep pushing forward on my vanlife adventures. I made a video of my first reactions of me arriving at the coast line!

Im so Excited to share this video with you guys and even more excited to make a cinematic music video of the coast line.

I plan to make a video for the band Called: Sticky Fingers. I found out about this band during the middle of my vanbuild and this band has inspired me to make a passion project for them!

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Brookings Oregon
Watching the Beautiful sunset!

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